Looking for Reclaimed Wood? The City of Detroit Joins the Salvage Business

NOTE: Commercial Asset Preservation has the ability to work with salvage operations on commercial buildings to reclaim materials that can be re-purposed.


Reptinted from NEXTCity.org

Salvaging historical materials from blighted houses set for demolition has long been an urban pastime, but now, the city of Detroit wants to get in the game as part of Mayor Mike Duggan’s blight removal strategy.

The initiative, which they hope will launch next month, is part of the Mayor’s broader blight strategy, now with an eye on preservation as opposed to straight-up demolition.

Reclamation isn’t anything new. Practically every city in America — from New York City to Minneapolis — has reclamation shops ready to sell you a piece of old bowling lane you can turn into a kitchen countertop. But what is new is having the city take the lead and mandate salvage as part of a blight clearance program.

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