How to Choose the Right Commercial Property Maintenance Company Partnership


At Commercial Asset Preservation (CAP), we understand that commercial property owners and retailers wear many hats! Some of the many priorities they juggle include operating their daily business and managing finances and personnel. Of equal importance is the physical appearance of their properties. Are the properties inviting to the consumer, the tenant and city officials? In order to keep tenants happy and to make their property appealing to consumers, commercial property owners and retailers seek property maintenance companies to take on a multitude of tasks from landscaping to plumbing and remodeling.

Choosing a property maintenance company that your organization can trust is invaluable to keep your facilities in great shape. As experts in commercial property repairs and maintenance across the United States and Canada, here are some tips to consider when selecting your maintenance team.


Understanding Your Needs and Expectations

It is essential to have a clear idea of the type of assistance you need from the property maintenance company and what tasks you expect them to perform. Do you want your maintenance team to provide repairs on an as needed basis or do you want them to perform preventative maintenance, or both? Do you only want the property maintenance company to work on the inside of your property or do you want them to maintain outdoor areas, such as parking lots and landscape, or both the inside and outside?

Finding a provider that specializes in the services you require and has a track record of success is critical. At CAP, our staff has provided property maintenance, repairs, and inspections at more than one million properties.


Consider Property Location When Choosing a Provider

An important factor when determining the correct maintenance provider for your facility needs is to consider the location or multiple locations where your properties operate. Do you need help with one property, multiple properties in a regional area, or 30+ properties located across the country?

Most property maintenance companies can provide service in specific regional areas or in large cities, but struggle to provide services in rural communities. Many of our customers choose CAP because we cover all of the United States and Canada without any quality or delivery time difference from one location to the next. In fact, CAP performs as much work in rural communities as it does in metropolitan areas.

Therefore, you no longer need to search for individual vendors to repair an entry door at your operating retail center in Atlanta or winterize your vacant office building in Zigzag, Oregon. Simply contact CAP and services in both communities are handled promptly using its extensive network of licensed local maintenance professionals.


Screen Potential Providers

You should screen your property maintenance company just like you would a tenant at your building or a potential employee. Conduct research to check into their background, whether they work with companies such as yours, and always ask for references. Find out how long upper management has been in place. Learn how they plan to communicate with you. Will there be dedicated personnel for you to speak with? Determine the hours that they operate and who answers the phone during non-standard hours. If you use an external facilities maintenance data platform, does the property maintenance provider have experience working with that system? Conduct research on the Internet to see if the property maintenance provider is involved in legal issues or has problems paying their vendors in a timely fashion. These extra steps take time, but they are worth it to ensure you choose a reliable and trustworthy company to work at your property.

Commercial Asset Preservation feels confident in saying that it has experienced nearly every conceivable scenario of what can happen to a building. We use our experience and extensive contractor resources to provide clients with a cost-effective solution that places their property in a condition that keeps tenants and municipalities happy and makes their property appealing to consumers. Let us use our know-how to help simplify your property maintenance needs. Contact CAP to discuss your property maintenance needs at 801-461-8250 or