** Client Bulletin ** Attention: Removal of rubber spline from glass doors and windows by vandals

** Client Bulletin **

Removal of rubber spline from glass doors and windows by vandalsLately, we have been seeing several instances of commercial and industrial building break-ins and attempted break-in’s resulting from the removal of the rubber spline around exterior glass windows or doors. Vandals can gain access to the building through this action. Glass is being removed from the frame and entry is being made into the structure. From a distance, the site still looks secure.

What can you do right now?

          • Where permitted, board windows and doors in known areas of vandalism and homelessness
          • Add Hollow Metal Glazing Bead Stops with Tek screws to windows
          • Increase the frequency of building perimeter checks
          • Utilize your outside security lighting
          • Consider fencing the grounds
          • Confirm your building alarms are operational and covering the areas of concern
          • Retain guard services to monitor your property

Commercial Asset Preservation can help secure your buildings and provide perimeter checks. Call (800) 445-0640 or contact inquiries@commercialpreservation.com today to reduce your risk.