operating facility inspections oversight

CAP’s network of highly skilled independent commercial contractors’ view your operating properties with a focus on the issues that could put you at risk:  new or existing damage, future maintenance needs, safety concerns, or poor upkeep by subtenants. CAP also provides due diligence inspections on the condition of a property or portfolio of properties that you plan to acquire. CAP’s contractors produce clear, detailed reports on the condition of the inside and outside of the property along with dozens of photographs, all of which are available for your review 24/7 via the proprietary CAPture Access client portal.

Unlike most facilities maintenance providers, CAP conducts inspections through networked independent commercial general contractors capable of performing the repairs identified. By utilizing these more detailed experts, no guesswork is involved in estimating the cost of repairs. A commercial general contractor’s presence at your property can confirm conditions and recommend proper maintenance plans.

Inspection Services Include:

  • Initial Property Evaluation
  • Building/Portfolio Acquisition Due Diligence Inspections
  • Recurring Property Inspections
  • Quality Control Check of Subtenant
  • Back Flow Inspections
  • Insurance Repair Work Inspections