vacant property de-imaging

CAP has the ability to remove visual representation of the former tenant of an abandoned structure. This removal process is referred to as “De-Imaging.” De-Imaging is most often completed in conjunction with clearing out the vacant building shortly after the former tenant has departed. Protecting the former operator’s brand, image and reputation is CAP’s main goal.

CAP offers a full scope of De-Imaging services, including:

  • Changing locks to all entry doors
  • Installing a lockbox
  • Boarding of all windows and glass doors, if required under the lease agreement and/or to prevent vandalism
  • Re-glazing broken windows if boarding is not desired or permitted
  • Removing all interior and exterior signage, including removal of all logos from the building, interior and exterior menu boards, pole/monument signs, and directional signs
  • Removing all point-of-purchase elements and trademarks, merchandise, any promotional decals, and other promotional material or merchandising items
  • Repainting the building exterior to remove trademarks and color schemes of the former tenant
  • Modifying structural features of the building to remove distinctive characteristics of the former tenant
  • Properly capping all exposed electrical wiring
  • Properly terminating all utilities
  • Ensuring that the interior and exterior (including dumpsters) is free from trash and debris