Frozen Properties?

winter buildingAre you learning of frozen properties in your portfolio? Commercial Asset Preservation (CAP) has received many calls this week to send its contractor resources to new locations to quickly address freeze damage, including damage found in operating buildings. This has been an unusual winter in which freeze damage is occurring even in “warmer” states, such as Alabama, Louisiana, and others. With record cold temperatures this week, an expected warm up occurring later in the week and more cold temperatures planned for next week, your pipes may go on a roller coaster ride that causes them to burst.

If the number of problem properties is too overwhelming, let CAP help. Please contact me to assist with properties which need any of the following services:

  • Freeze Damage Repair Estimates
  • Thawing
  • Water Shut Off
  • Heating Solutions
  • Repairs
  • Winterization 
  • Winterization check
  • Fire Sprinkler System Check

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