Yuck, non-potable contaminated water entering your facility



A simple and effective approach is our backflow preventer inspection


Benjamin Franklin famously advised fire-threatened Philadelphians in 1736 that “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

In 2021, we can certainly heed the same advice when it comes to preventing changes in water pressure that can cause unwanted sewage and other contaminants to enter our property.

Backflow happens when water, water, and other liquids, or gases, reverse inside the system and flows in the wrong direction. Contamination of your water system can lead to business disruption, as well as serious illness and even death.


CAP recommends an annual backflow inspection


One main cause of backflow is backsiphonage, which occurs with a change in water pressure. This is often the result of a water main break. Another common cause of backflow is backpressure. This happens when there is an increase in water pressure. If a system, such as an irrigation system becomes clogged or a pump malfunctions, an increase in water pressure can occur. Depending on your location, you may be required to have a backflow inspection performed annually.

Commercial Asset Preservation (CAP) offers a nationwide network of plumbing contractors that can quickly, efficiently, and economically provide a backflow preventer inspection. Our local experts will evaluate your plumbing system to see if backflow is occurring. If your system is using a backflow preventer, a device within your plumbing system that keeps water flowing in the proper direction, our technician will make sure it is in working order by assessing valves for leakage, gauge movement, and other critical warning signs.

CAP’s commercial general contractor network not only identifies issues of concern but also can perform emergency repairs without delay. Rest easier knowing that you have someone checking on your buildings and protecting your property.


Contact CAP at (801) 461-8242 or inquiries@commercialpreservation.com

Copper Prices are soaring. Great news for the economic recovery – potentially bad news for property owners.


As the US economy continues to move forward in some semblance of recovery, the impact of rising copper prices poses a threat to commercial and industrial property owners. Dozens of stories can be found of copper theft across the United States. While some criminals may be part of a sophisticated crime ring, others may simply be looking for a quick score. And, your vacant or even occupied property is an easy target.

Stealing copper from your building’s HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems not only renders the systems inoperable but can result in thousands of dollars of damage as well as business interruption. Fortunately, even if you cannot be at your property all the time, there are steps you can take to mitigate the risk.

  • Inspect the property regularly
  • Hire a guard service
  • Engage and work with local authorities to pay special attention to your property
  • Have the HVAC equipment moved inside the building
  • Use security fencing around your property
  • Disable roof access

One of the best ways to stay protected and maintain the condition of your property is to get professional assistance. Commercial Asset Preservation (CAP) specializes in the protection and preservation of vacant commercial buildings across the United States.

Our locally based skilled contractors provide services to ensure that properties are maintained in a way that retains value. Ready to discuss how to best protect your property? Call (800) 445-0640 or email inquiries@commercialpresevation.com

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