Commercial Asset Preservation, LLC, (“CAP”) is a service provider established in 2009 to manage a network of independent commercial contractors throughout the United States and Canada. CAP offers property inspection, maintenance/repair, and preservation services to holders of retail, office, industrial, warehouse, hospitality, and institutional (altogether “commercial”) real estate. While CAP can handle all of your routine maintenance and repair needs, CAP’s expertise lies in dealing with the occupied and vacant commercial properties that give you headaches. CAP strives to keep your property functional, visually appealing, clean, safe and secure.

When CAP launched its business it was the creator of maintaining and overseeing vacant and abandoned commercial structures. Commercial Asset Preservation has quickly grown to handle all types of commercial real estate; vacant, partially vacant and fully operating.

CAP’s services are performed by its network of independent contractors, a group of experts knowledgeable in caring for commercial real estate. CAP’s independent contractor network is composed of local and regional commercial maintenance and facility services personnel along with commercial building contractors and handymen, strategically located throughout the entire United States and Canada. Complementing these general contractors and handymen are individually licensed specialists in electrical, plumbing, HVAC, roofing, exterminating, and other highly skilled trades. All of CAP’s independent contractors are locally based professionals familiar with local property rules and regulations.

CAP is a trusted resource for many of the largest commercial property landlords and retailers, providing repair services as needed at operating facilities as well as helping to protect those assets which are no longer in use. CAP dares to tread where others do not or cannot go geographically, creatively, and operationally. Give us your challenges and let CAP eliminate your commercial real estate maintenance and oversight problems.