Commercial Asset Preservation Advantages

CAP is Experienced

CAP is owned and managed by well-respected, experienced veterans of the property maintenance and inspection industry. Marc Insul and Alan Bunker previously built two of the nation’s largest property preservation, building maintenance, and inspection businesses, providing services at residential and commercial properties for more than 50 years combined. CAP’s staff has provided property maintenance and inspections at more than one million properties. Throughout our years in business, we have seen the good, the bad and the ugly. CAP feels confident in saying that it has experienced nearly every conceivable scenario of what can happen to a building. We use our experience and extensive resources to provide clients with a cost-effective solution that places their property in a condition that meets the needs of the client, the property’s occupants, if applicable, and the municipality, while retaining property value. Let us use our know-how to help simplify your property needs.

CAP Covers North America

CAP covers the United States and Canada. CAP performs as much work in rural communities as it does in metropolitan areas. Therefore, you no longer need to search for individual vendors to repair an entry door at your retail center in Atlanta or winterize your office building in Zigzag, Oregon. Simply contact CAP and services in both communities are handled promptly using its network of licensed local maintenance professionals.

CAP is Technology Driven

The CAPture Access Portal allows clients to review property inspection and maintenance results along with photographic documentation of the work CAP performed. Information on the CAP system is interactive, with data updated constantly throughout the workday. Through this same secured website, you can order new services from CAP, approve service estimates, or print invoices. Additionally, CAP can customize reports to fit your daily, weekly or monthly data needs. CAP also interfaces with all third-party facility management software systems.

CAP Has a Sense of Urgency

CAP is the on-demand inspection and repair needs expert, specializing in handling last minute emergencies. CAP’s employees treat its clients’ properties with the utmost care and respect. CAP understands that the failure to promptly address an urgent issue could potentially cost CAP’s client significant lost business revenue. As such, CAP gives all emergency issues top priority every day.

CAP Gives You Peace of Mind

CAP ensures that properties do not further deteriorate, become vandalized, or receive a citation from the local governing authority for their physical condition. At operating properties, CAP’s independent contractors gather signatures from satisfied property or store managers upon the completion of work validating the quality of service delivered. Let the experts at CAP resolve your property worries.