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Efficiency of one-stop maintenance shopping

  You’re in New York and your portfolio of properties spans both U.S. coastlines. How can you possibly manage property maintenance and day porter services remotely? The answer is a national maintenance service provider. Follow these three guidelines and managing nationwide property maintenance will become easier. First, take detailed stock of your property’s goals. As […]


Brokers often find CAP’s network a valuable resource Commercial Asset Preservation (CAP) recently sat down with longtime commercial real estate broker Michael Guggenheim, president of Guggenheim Commercial Real Estate (GRCE), a company founded in 1961 by Michael’s father, Armin Guggenheim.  The firm, located in Cleveland, Ohio, focuses on brokerage, property management, investment sales and valuations […]

Keep Vandals and Vermin out of Vacant Facilities

CAP’s Marc Insul contributes to this feature article in Buildings Magazine. Click to read full article. Chances are you’re familiar with old, abandoned buildings – hopefully not because one is in your portfolio, but perhaps there’s one in your neighborhood. The roof is caving. It’s infested with rodents. Debris litters the lot. You probably wonder […]

Chicago seeks tougher rules on vacant buildings

Reprinted from Chicago Tribune Business Proposed amendment requires properties to be secured immediately, cuts number of inspections before tickets or violations are issued In the first 10 days of September, city of Chicago operators logged 359 calls about problems at vacant buildings, ranging from reports of open or missing front or back doors to pried-off […]

When Trash Bags and Gardening Tools Can Help Fight Crime

Reprinted from NEXT City Next City is hosting a live blog of the 2013 Reclaiming Vacant Properties conference, now ongoing in Philadelphia. With some 40,000 vacant lots, Philadelphia is no stranger to issues linked to urban land vacancy. But the city is also familiar with strategies that can not only improve individual lots, but also […]

Winterizing your vacant property

Not all properties can hold up well during the winter. It’s possible a property may get vandalized, pipes may freeze up and water or ice damage may occur if not properly maintained. Review the CAP winterization service checklist to better prepare your property before winter begins.  To Do Consider if the geographic location of the […]

Protecting vacant property

Being responsible for a vacant property includes insurance risks and liabilities. Every vacant property owner should know the potential risks that come along with it.  Potential Risks Vacant buildings are targets for theft, trespassing and vandalism. It is important to keep in mind that owners can be held liable for any criminal activities that may […]

Commercial Building Maintenance Blog Post

Commercial Building Maintenance & Property Preservation Services Vacant and Abandoned Commercial Real Estate Maintenance and Inspection Solutions Nationwide Commercial Property Maintenance & Preservation Nationwide Commercial Property Caretaker Nationwide Commercial Property Inspections/Evaluations Commercial Property Protection Peace of Mind For complete commercial building maintenance & property preservation solutions, call Toll Free (800) 445-0640. Interested in working with CAP? […]